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The Print Handbook

The Print Handbook

Prepare your pixels for print

The Story

Seven years ago as a young graphic designer I created the first Print Handbook to solve a simple problem...

I was terrified of screwing up client projects.

So I set about understanding and collecting up all those technical bits and bobs nobody tells you about. And the first Print Handbook was printed.

Now in its third edition, I still use my Print Handbook to not screw up. Although it does more than just that...

Be a better designer: know your tools

The tools of a graphic designer are not just the type tool, selection tool or layers panel. The real tools of a designer are the printing press, the paper, the ink. Understand those and you understand the true limits of design on paper.

Benefits to you

  • No more costly print mistakes
  • Present new creative options
  • Get the best possible results from your printer
  • Stop guessing what a colour will look like
  • Get the best from supplied photos
  • Save bullet proof PDFs
  • Manage your client’s or employer’s print expectations

What other people think

“Its like the annoying studio know-it-all, but a book, so not as annoying”

Colin Lamberton

“This is my go to book, it’s always on my desk and it’s invaluable! [...] I have recommended it to a number of my design friends and I buy each new addition when it is released. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!”

Amy Garrett-Williams

“I have 2nd and 3rd editions and both are great companions in my daily print workflow.”

Uldis Trapencieris

What’s in it?

  • File type comparisons (PSD, GIF, TIF, PNG, JPG, AI, EPS & PDF)
  • DPI comparisons (50, 72, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 & 600dpi)
  • 8 pages Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife Gloss 130gsm
  • 8 pages of Fedrigoni Materica Gesso 120gsm
  • Different types of paper explained
  • 5 colours (CMYK + Pantone 376)
  • Paper weight conversion chart
  • One colour bitmap examples
  • Length conversion chart
  • Viewing distance chart
  • 6 Rich black examples
  • Sharpening examples
  • Paper sizes chart
  • CMYK colour chart
  • Creep explained
  • Typefaces at different sizes (2–10pt in 4 colours with 4 typefaces)
  • Line weight examples (single, double & triple ink lines)
  • Examples of how paper affects colour
  • 12 pages Fedrigoni Symbol Matt Plus 130gsm
  • Monotone, duotone & tritone examples
  • Explanation of crop marks & bleed
  • Printing process explanation
  • Binding & folding examples
  • CMYK & Pantone comparisons
  • Rendering intent examples
  • Colour profile examples
  • Spot colours explained
  • RGB & CMYK diagrams
  • Metallic ink cover
  • Trapping examples

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