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About The Print Handbook

The Print Handbook is a friendly guide for all those tricky bits in design. It's packed full of examples, handy tools, charts and information. It helps you produce perfect print projects. And this bigger third edition is the best yet.

Real Examples

Examples are at the heart of why the Print Handbook exists. There are times when your screen just cannot show you how something will print. But the Print Handbook can and so we’ve filled it with examples on topics like: rich black, resolution, sharpening, line weights, file types, small text and a CMYK colour chart.

Genuinely Useful Tools & Charts

Need to know how big your text on a billboard should be? Or how big you can print the photo you have at 300dpi? Or what size is SRA3? Then don’t worry, we’ve got a chart for that.

What's inside?

  • 28 pages plus cover with 4 different Fedrigoni paper stocks
  • Metallic ink cover
  • 5 colours (CMYK + Pantone 376)
  • File type comparisons (PSD, GIF, TIF, PNG, JPG, AI, EPS & PDF)
  • DPI comparisons (50, 72, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 & 600dpi)
  • CMYK colour chart
  • 6 Rich black examples
  • Sharpening examples
  • One colour bitmap examples
  • Different types of paper explained
  • Viewing distance chart
  • Creep explained
  • Paper sizes chart
  • Length conversion chart
  • Paper weight conversion chart
  • Binding & folding examples
  • Line weight examples (single, double & triple ink lines)
  • Explanation of crop marks & bleed
  • Examples of how paper affects colour
  • Monotone, duotone & tritone examples
  • RGB & CMYK diagrams
  • Rendering intent examples
  • Spot colours explained
  • Colour profile examples
  • CMYK & Pantone comparisons
  • Trapping examples
  • Typefaces at different sizes (2–10pt in 4 colours with 4 typefaces)
  • Printing process explanation

Fedrigoni Paper

Fedrigoni supplied some beautiful paper. Here’s what paper we used (the matt is my favourite):

  • Sirio Lime 290gsm
  • Symbol Freelife Gloss 130gsm
  • Symbol Matt Plus 130gsm
  • Materica Gesso 120gsm

How’s it different from the 2nd Edition?

The essentials are still in there but this time we've improved things, added sections and increased the number of pages. It's all been completely redesigned and includes a bunch of new sections. The paper is a big improvement too which has been supplied by Fedrigoni. It's also been printed to a higher level by Boss Print who use a stochastic screen for great print results. And it's the same height and width so will sit snuggly next to your other handbooks.