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Print Handbook (1st Edition)

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The New Print Handbook

The Print Handbook (1st Edition) is sold out. But there's a new Print Handbook. You can find it here.

This little handbook is crammed with stuff to help you as a designer. Our goal is to help you see if your ideas will translate well when printed, as well as show what should be possible from your local press.

It will cut down on the guesswork that happens when your job goes from screen to print.

The handbook is printed with 4 process colours, plus one Pantone spot colour. It includes four different types of paper (uncoated, silk, gloss and the cover) and has a one colour gate folded cover with a foil. We hope you find it helpful.

There are very few 1st Edition Print Handbooks left so if you still you want one then you'll have to be quick.

Slightly smaller than the current Print Handbook, but still full of great examples and helpful tools.

Printed with 5 colours on silk, gloss and uncoated paper. The cover is foiled and is a 240gsm red.