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The Digital Print Handbook

The Digital Print Handbook

Prepare your pixels for digital print

The New Kid

It’s here! The Digital Print Handbook. And it’s got some cool tricks to show you. Stuff you probably didn’t even know was possible.


It’s pretty special

Unlike all previous Print Handbooks, this version uses digital printing. And this means you can do some pretty funky stuff.

In the book I explore using fluorescent pink ink, white ink, extended gamut printing and more. Plus every book has a unique cover – no two book are the same.

Exploring New Technologies

Like I’ve said before, the tools of a designer are not just hidden in Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign. The real tools of a designer are the printing presses, the paper, the ink. Understand what the press can do and then you truly know the limits of what’s possible.

What’s in it?

  • 8 colours (CMYK + Orange + Violet + White + Fluro Pink)
  • 8 pages Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife Gloss 150gsm
  • 8 pages of Fedrigoni Splendorgel 160gsm
  • 8 pages Fedrigoni X-Per 140gsm
  • Fluorescent pink ink examples
  • One colour bitmap examples
  • IndiChrome example
  • White ink examples
  • Typefaces at different sizes (2–10pt in 4 colours with 4 typefaces)
  • Extended gamut printing examples & methods
  • Methods to combat banding and streaking
  • CMYK colour chart + Orange + Violet
  • Monotone & duotone examples
  • 6 Rich black examples
  • Variable data example
  • Line weight examples

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