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The Creative VIP Pack

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Never make a print mistake again. That's what The Print Handbook is all about. It's packed full of examples and tools to help you as a designer make sure your work looks perfect when printed.

Because you're a Creative VIP member we'll throw in a pack of four CMYK greetings cards (normally £4.40) completely for free. If the CMYK cards are not available then we'll send you some Pantone cards instead.

The Print Handbook is printed with 5 colours on silk, gloss and uncoated paper. The 300gsm cover is foiled and in our opinion looks and feels awesome.

The pages within are jammed with information and examples...

  • 4 different paper stocks
  • Foiled cover
  • 5 colours (CMYK + Pantone Orange 021)
  • Selected 1 colour pages
  • File type comparisons (PSD, GIF, TIF, PNG, JPG, AI, PDF & EPS)
  • DPI comparisons (50, 72, 150, 200, 300 & 600dpi)
  • CMYK colour chart
  • 6 Rich black examples
  • Paper sizes chart
  • Length conversion chart (inches, millimeters, pixels at 300dpi (this is really useful), picas & points)
  • Paper weight conversion chart
  • Overprinting examples
  • 12 Binding examples
  • 12 Fold examples
  • Line weight examples (single, double & triple ink lines)
  • Explanation of crop marks & bleed
  • Examples of how paper affects colour
  • Monotone, duotone & tritone examples
  • Rendering intents examples
  • Colour profile examples
  • Glyphs
  • CMYK & Pantone comparisons
  • Trapping examples
  • Typefaces at different sizes (2–10pt in 3 colours with 4 typefaces)
  • Tints of text examples
  • Tracking examples (-60 – +60)
  • Printing process diagram