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The Print Handbook

The NEW Print Handbook

Prepare your pixels for print

The Story

Nine years ago as a young graphic designer I created the first Print Handbook to solve a simple problem...

I was terrified of screwing up client projects.

So I set about understanding and collecting up all those technical bits and bobs nobody tells you about. And the first Print Handbook was printed.

Now in its fourth edition, I still use my Print Handbook to not screw up. Although it does more than just that...

Be a better designer: know your tools

The tools of a graphic designer are not just the type tool, selection tool or layers panel. The real tools of a designer are the printing press, the paper, the ink. Understand those and you understand the true limits of design on paper.

Benefits to you

  • No more costly print mistakes
  • Present new creative options
  • Get the best possible results from your printer
  • Stop guessing what a colour will look like
  • Get the best from supplied photos
  • Save bullet proof PDFs
  • Manage your client’s or employer’s print expectations

What other people think

“Its like the annoying studio know-it-all, but a book, so not as annoying”

Colin Lamberton

“This is my go to book, it’s always on my desk and it’s invaluable! [...] I have recommended it to a number of my design friends and I buy each new addition when it is released. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!”

Amy Garrett-Williams

“I have 2nd and 3rd editions and both are great companions in my daily print workflow.”

Uldis Trapencieris

What’s in it?

  • File type comparisons (PSD, GIF, TIF, PNG, JPG, AI, EPS & PDF)
  • DPI comparisons (50, 72, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 & 600dpi)
  • 8 pages 130gsm gloss / 90lb gloss text
  • 8 pages of 120gsm uncoated / 80lb uncoated text
  • Different types of paper explained
  • 5 colours (CMYK + Pantone 3135)
  • Paper weight conversion chart
  • One colour bitmap examples
  • Length conversion chart
  • Viewing distance chart
  • 6 Rich black examples
  • Sharpening examples
  • Paper sizes chart
  • CMYK colour chart
  • Creep explained
  • Typefaces at different sizes (2–10pt in 4 colours with 4 typefaces)
  • Line weight examples (single, double & triple ink lines)
  • Examples of how paper affects colour
  • 12 pages 130gsm silk / 90lb silk text
  • Monotone, duotone & tritone examples
  • Explanation of crop marks & bleed
  • Printing process explanation
  • Binding & folding examples
  • CMYK & Pantone comparisons
  • Rendering intent examples
  • Colour profile examples
  • Spot colours explained
  • RGB & CMYK diagrams
  • Metallic ink cover
  • Trapping examples

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Stop making mistakes, expand your creative options and get yourself a Print Handbook.

The Other Print Handbook

The Litho Print Handbook (on this page) now has a companion: The Digital Print Handbook. It explores what can be done with digital printing. And if you’re not quite sure what digital printing is then it’s the book for you.

But if you’ve never purchased any Print Handbook before then get the one on this page. It covers the most general information. It has a few more charts and things that are useful for any type of printing.

I would describe the digital print edition as a companion or add-on to the litho edition. If you’re working on projects with lower print quantities or want to see what you can do with digital printing this is a great edition to get.

View Digital Print Handbook